About Us

Just wanted to share why Crystals and how it came to be something I am so passionate about.
Since I was a young girl I have always been so fascinated with how beautiful and how odd crystals is. How mother nature could make such beautiful wonders hidden within its core. All the colours, shine, shapes everything. Back then ive never really thought so much of how we could really connect with such pretty pebbles. After many year realising this is what i want to do, inform you all about mother nature precious treasures and how it can benefit us all in many ways. And now i have always found ways to implement them in my life and the lives of those I care about most.
Wether it is a gift for a loved one, a purchase for a friend in need of some positive manifestations or spiritual healing, my new business is able to provide a unique and meaningful Crystal to benefit anybody.
I have spent countless hours, researching, trying and testing and sharing my love of this wonderful world of spiritual healing and have found the most success when crystals are purchased with intention and not just as a display piece. Rather, I have learned that different crystals have different energy, and the energy they bring into your life, can impact you in even the smallest of situations.
Importantly, I have learned that different people have different needs, and that each of these unique pieces fulfils those needs in their own unique way.
If you have any questions, for yourself or anyone you know, please feel free to inbox me for recommendations and for any special pieces you might be curious about.
Majestical Crystals is here to help you Enhance your Mind Body and Soul!